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ESL Display

Creating effective ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) content involves designing clear, concise displays with product info, pricing, promotions, customer reviews, and QR codes for an enhanced shopping experience.

Key Elements for ESL

  1. Product Information
    • Product Name: Clear and bold.
    • Price: Prominent display with any discounts or promotions highlighted.
    • Unit Price: Helps customers compare prices easily.
    • Barcode: For quick scanning.
    • Stock Level: Optional, but useful for customers.
  2. Promotional Messages
    • Special Offers: Highlight any discounts or special promotions.
    • Loyalty Program Information: Encourage membership or usage.
    • Seasonal Promotions: Tailored messages for holidays or special events.
  3. Nutritional Information (for food items)
    • Calories: Essential for health-conscious customers.
    • Allergen Information: Crucial for customers with allergies.
    • Organic/Non-GMO Labels: Highlight these attributes if applicable.
  4. Customer Reviews and Ratings
    • Star Ratings: Display average ratings.
    • Short Reviews: Highlight a key positive review.
  5. Environmental Impact Information
    • Sustainability Certifications: If the product is certified (e.g., Fair Trade, Organic).
    • Recyclability Information: How to recycle the product or its packaging.
  6. QR Codes
    • Additional Information: Direct customers to a webpage with more detailed information about the product.
    • Recipes (for food items): Provide a link to recipes using the product.
  7. Language Options
    • Multilingual Support: Display information in multiple languages if your customer base is diverse.