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About Us

About Us

DT Shelf is a prestigious Australian-owned company, established through meticulous research and development, thorough analysis of the evolving landscape of retail and warehouse technology in the modern era. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) represent the future for retailers and warehouses, offering transformative benefits:

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Eliminate the need to print and manually place shelf labels.
  • Innovative Advertising: Harness the power of an automated and digital system for smart promotional opportunities.
  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: Guide consumers effortlessly with our bespoke mobile apps.
  • Interactive Engagement: Foster consumer interaction through QR codes and our intuitive mobile app.
  • Error Elimination: Minimize the risks of errors while updating price labels, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

The substantial cost savings can offset the initial investment within just 6-12 months. Embrace a revolutionary change for you and your customers. To deliver exceptional service to our clients, we have partnered with multiple industry-leading manufacturers of Mini MCU STM32 and various other chips and components. We have our own research and development center, driving innovation and leading the industry’s future. We are eager to collaborate with you to make ESL an integral component of your business.

Why Us ?

  • We possess the capability to deploy a bespoke system tailored for everyone, from single store owners to multi-outlet and franchise operations.
  • Our process includes a customized approach for each operator, not only focusing on pricing but also exploring promotional opportunities, branding, and strategic pricing.
  • We manage the entire installation of the system and ESLs, and we provide comprehensive training for your staff on the operation of the labels and the system.
  • Our local support ensures peace of mind, as we are readily available to address any rare issues that may arise.
  • Additionally, we have the expertise to develop seamless mobile apps that integrate with the ESL system, enhancing your connection with customers.

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